Weidong Cloud Education, founded in 2012, has always adhered to the development vision of "Share Educational Resources • Inherit Human Civilization", integrate global quality education resources, supported by educational technology, based on the optimization of the education industry structure, insist on innovation and sustainable development, and strive to make education and technology benefit the world.

At present, Weidong Cloud Education has formed an international education group covering basic education, vocational education, higher education, and overseas education. The business serves 28 provinces, 179 urban counties. Weidong Cloud Education distribution in 16 countries and regions around the world, serving many Fortune 500 companies.

As a strategic partner of UNESCO, Weidong Cloud Education has hosted two sessions of the International Education Informatization Conference four times. As a strategic partner of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, Weidong Cloud Education implements the “Shanghai Spirit” through education cooperation and promotes cultural exchanges. As a partner of the Ministry of Education of China, Weidong Cloud Education promotes the “B&R” education action and co-construction and sharing of educational resources around the world.

Global Internet Education Platform Operator

Weidong Cloud Education earnestly implement the "Building inclusive, equitable education, and lifelong education for all" proposed in the UNESCO Education 2030 Action Framework, providing resources, products, and services for K12 education, higher education and vocational education, and dedicating to building a sustainable global lifelong education ecosystem.

Take educational application as the core, continuous innovation in education technology, promote the effective integration of education and information technology through comprehensive measures, bridge the regional digital divides, boost education information construction, and contribute to the balanced development of education in the world. Keep the user-oriented, integrate technology, products, and services, vertical explore the education information industry chain, and lead the growth and progress of the Internet education industry.

Mature Business Model
  • 28
  • 179
  • 3500
  • 16
ToB — Comprehensive Coverage in Domestic, Multi-Point in Overseas
Domestic Business

Covers 28 provinces, 179 cities/districts/counties, 3500 schools, and has established good strategic cooperation with, Shanghai Metro, Shenzhen Metro, and other enterprises and public institutions.

Global Business

Branches in 16 countries around the world, and "Weidong Remote Smart Classroom" located in countries along the "B&R", including Pakistan, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Egypt, Ethiopia, Djibouti, and so on.

  • 学前
  • K12
  • 大学
  • 工作
  • 退休
ToC — Mature B-End Drainage, Rich C-End Expansion
B-End Drainage

By accumulating c-end users at the b-end, students, parents, and teachers will become the main consumers of basic education in the future.

C-End Expansion

A rich variety of c-end products, including all stage of preschool, K12, college, work, retirement, all user groups are covered.

Leading Product System
  • Basic Education
  • Vocational Education
  • Higher Education
  • Overseas Education
  • Education Industrial Park
Rich Business Channels
  • Two Centers
    Beijing, Qingdao
  • Eight Regions
    Shandong, Dongbei, North China, East China, Central China, South China, Southeast, and Northwest.