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Publish Time:2017-07-03     Article Source:Weidong Cloud Education

Weidong Cloud Education overseas branches on the B&R Initiative

Weidong international-vision platform step into Europe

On March 21st, Weidong Cloud Education Group held the press conference of WeiDong international -vision platform, announcing officially that its cloud education international-vision platform come out. This platform is equipped with not only its own high quality products and resources but it also integrates global quality resources to provide lifelong education services for learners.

Cooperating with HUAWEI and Higher Education Innovation Center of UNESCO to promote the construction of global partner university network

·Higher Education Innovation Center of UNESCO and Weidong Cloud Education has signed an memorandum of understanding, planning to co-establish “Weidong Cloud Distance Wisdom Classroom” among the partner universities of the “Digital Education Link Project”.

·The partner universities using “Weidong Cloud Distance Wisdom Classroom” can carry out the localization of teachers ICT capacity building training, and achieve the acceptance and management of distance digital resources, localization, promotion and use of digital educational resources.

·“Weidong Cloud Distance Wisdom Classroom” will be established in Kampuchea, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Egypt, Ethiopia and Djibouti.

Note: the DP project of UNESCO's higher education innovation Center is to promote the implementation of the "digital education link project" by working closely with influential and representative universities, institutions, organizations or enterprises through the establishment of regional or global partner networks.

Weidong Cloud Education contributes to the construction of intelligent education in Asia-Africa

·Weidong Cloud Education works as international online education platform operator, made great amount of practice in intelligent education in China and Europe, received first-class educational informatization technology and service experience, is able to provide targeted educational service solutions and services for Asia-Africa customers promoting education equity and level, balancing education quality, increasing employment training scale and international education communication.

·Supporting high-quality educational resource construction; promoting the nationwide quality educational resource sharing for Asian-African countries.

·Supporting balanced education; promoting national education fairness.

·Supporting educational innovation; promoting talents cultivation adapting to national economic and social development.

·Supporting the construction of virtual network learning environment, creating the national education training community with no time-space constraints

·Supporting educational measurement, providing accurate support for national education bureau to control the quality of education, carry out the assessment of academic diagnosis and talent ability test

·Working closely with the national education bureau to implement the construction of national intelligent education