Visit to Pakistan

Publish Time:2016-12-20     Article Source:Weidong Cloud Education In December 2016, Weidong Cloud Education followed UNESCO Higher Education Innovation Center to visit Pakistan. Weidong engaged in talks with the leaders of the Pakistan Federal Education and Vocational Training Department and the Pakistan Higher Education Commission and reached an in-depth cooperation consensus on the establishment of secondary institutions of UNESCO, launching of literacy campaigns, and construction of basic education smart lessons, vocational education training, and cooperation in higher education. The Pakistani side hoped that Weidong Cloud Education can cover all areas in Pakistan with its Internet education platform services, become the first nationwide Internet education platform in Pakistan, and provide a manpower basis for the prosperity and development of the “China-Pakistan Economic Corridor”.

1. Constructing wisdom classrooms to help enhance the efficiency of literacy campaigns
2. Building educational training platforms to cultivate skilled vocational workers
3. Providing overseas internships and overseas study tour opportunities to strengthen cooperation and academic exchange in higher education

Mr. Rehman, Minister of Pakistan Ministry of Education with Mr.Wang Duanrui, chairman of Weidong Cloud Education

Mr. Ahmed, Director-General of Pakistan Higher Education Commission with Mr.Wang Duanrui, chairman of Weidong Cloud Education