Visit to Ethiopia, Djibouti and Egypt

Publish Time:2017-03-02     Article Source:Weidong Cloud Education  At the invitation of UNESCO, Weidong Cloud Education visited Africa for education study and communication, and reached cooperation intentions with Ethiopia, Djibouti, and Egypt in the field of education.

·Weidong vocational education platform will be introduced to Ethiopia universities to cultivate talents, which is much beneficial to develop national economy and help people out of poverty.

·Weidong Cloud Education will provide quality curriculums to college distance classrooms of Djibouti. While University of Djibouti would like to be the first African cooperative university with Weidong Cloud Education. 

·Weidong Cloud Education will take comprehensive strategic cooperation with Egyptian Ministry of Education on basic education, vocational education and higher education. At present, Egypt has huge demands for vocational education training and urgent needs for quality education resources to cultivate more practical talents. Ain Shams University hopes that Weidong Cloud Education will carry out vocational training for its 200,000 students and suggests that the engineering institute should be the first pilot project.