Weidong Cloud Education joined the UNESCO “Global Education Coalition”

Publish Time:2020-03-26     Article Source:Weidong Cloud Education

Provide online education platform

“Learning never stops” for learners all over the world

On March 26, 2020, in response to the impact of the new coronavirus on global education, UNESCO launched the "Global Education Coalition" to ensure the continuity of education for all learners. As the only Chinese enterprise, Weidong Cloud Education Group has become a member of the coalition with seven enterprises including Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Facebook, Coursera and Zoom. Weidong Cloud Education will provide online education solutions, platform and educational resources for teachers and learners from UNESCO member countries.



At present, in order to contain the spread of the epidemic, 156 countries around the world have taken measures to close schools or close classes, affecting more than 1.4 billion students. Because of development gaps between different countries and regions, many countries lack the human, technical, infrastructure, and financial resources to operate a distance learning environment on a large scale. Therefore, the “Global Education Coalition” aims to effectively fill the global gap in ensuring learning continuity by taking a variety of measures to provide open distance learning consistent with national curricula. The coalition will actively promote countries to increase investment in online learning to reduce the direct impact of the epidemic on education, so as to develop a more open and flexible global education system.

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, Weidong Cloud Education has provided "Remote Class" -- distance learning solutions for nearly 10000 educational schools in China, with more than 10 million users. Teachers and students are using Weidong Learning Management System WeLMS to realize remote teaching and learning. Cooperate with UNESCO ICHEI, "Weidong Smart classroom" integrated with digital devices and online learning platform, has been successfully implemented in Universities in Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Cambodia, Egypt, Djibouti and other Asian and African countries, which has helped teachers and students facilitate learning during periods of school closure. The "Future School" project” of UNESCO IITE, will also be implemented in several Asian and African countries with Weidong ICT-in Education solution to help developing countries improve their ICT capacity and digital development in education.



While joining the "Global Education Coalition", Weidong Cloud Education will provide comprehensive education solutions including infrastructure, digital equipment, distance learning platform and ICT capacity building trainings to UNESCO member countries. The Learning Management Platform WeLMS, HF and MOS training platforms of Demos Vocational Education Training Group, as well as quality higher educational resources of Brest Business School (BBS) will also be the digital tools and management solution for educational institutions, schools, teachers and students.







As member of the UNESCO “Global Education Coalition”, Weidong Cloud Education will take the responsibility of "Share Education Resources · Inherit Human Civilization" to help facilitate the continuity of learning for all young people during this difficult time.