Weidong Renewed Strategic Cooperation Agreement with UNESCO

Publish Time:2018-10-11     Article Source:Weidong Cloud Education

On October 11th,  UNESCO renewed the strategic cooperation agreement with Weidong Cloud Education Group in Paris, France to facilitate new technology’s overall improvement for educational industry.

Chairman of UNESCO Zohour Alaoui, Assistant Director-General for African Department of UNESCO Firmin·Matoko, Assistant Director-General for Education of UNESCO Stefania·Giannini, Vice minister of China’s Ministry of Education Tian Xuejun, Chinese Permanent Representative for UNESCO Shen Yang, Secretary-General of UNESCO Committee Qin Changwei, Chairman of Weidong Cloud Education Group Wang Duanrui, and African ambassadors and delegates to UNESCO attended the signing ceremony.

The agreement stipulates that UNESCO will develop comprehensive cooperative relations with Weidong Cloud Education Group around the theme of AI Education in the next three years, and keep promoting the fulfillment of “2030 Framework for Action on Education” through International ICT Education Conference and other events. According to the agreement, Weidong is implementing the UNESCO’s policy of Priority in Africa, and starts to cooperate in Africa at first. In the form of project cooperation between both parties, latest ICT technology is enabled to be applied in depth in the field of K12 education, vocational education and higher education, fully utilizing France Demos Vocational Education Training Group and Brest Business School subordinated to Weidong Cloud Education Group.

Weidong Cloud Education held symposium with participants of ceremony after the signing ceremony. All the parties showed appreciation for the efforts made by Weidong to develop ICT education of China, France and Africa, and they have more confidence and expectations about Weidong and UNESCO’s developing extensive educational projects in the future.