Weidong Cloud Education was invited to meet with the Director General of UNESCO

Publish Time:2018-07-05     Article Source:Weidong Cloud Education

On July 5, Wang Duanrui, chairman of Weidong Cloud Education Group, was invited to meet with UNESCO Director-General Audrey Azoulay and Assistant Director-General of Education Stefania Giannini in Paris, France. The two sides agreed to further deepen cooperation and will launch Internet education projects in Morocco, Gabon and other African countries.

Photo: UNESCO Director-General (second from right), Assistant Director-General of Education (first from left) and Chairman of Weidong Cloud Education Group (second from left), Senior Vice President of Weidong Cloud Education Group (first from right)

Azoulay said that this year is the fourth year of cooperation between UNESCO and Weidong Cloud Education. On behalf of UNESCO and its member countries, she expressed gratitude to Weidong Cloud Education and hoped to continue to deepen education cooperation with Weidong. In the future, they will implement cooperative projects in the fields of artificial intelligence, campus security, educational big data, and online education.

Wang Duanrui said that the long-term friendly cooperation between UNESCO and Weidong Cloud Education is based on the common goal of both parties -- "Promote the Equitable Development of Regional Education". Weidong Cloud Education will continue to contribute to the achievement of the "Education 2030" goal by providing digital education solutions.