Publish Time:2020-06-24     Article Source:Weidong Cloud Education

On June 24th, “China-Africa-UNESCO High-level Dialogue on Supporting Priority in Africa during and after COVID-19 Outbreak” was held in remote meeting format. This dialogue was co-sponsored by China Ministry of Education and UNESCO. It aims to implement the spirit of the China-Africa Solidarity Anti-epidemic Summit, exchange experiences and practices on anti-epidemic, and discuss practical measures to support Africa during and after the epidemic.

Chinese Minister of Education Chen Baosheng attended and delivered a keynote speech. Tian Xuejun, deputy minister of education and director of the National Commission for UNESCO of China, and Madogo, the assistant director general of UNESCO’s Africa Priority and External Relations, co-chaired the dialogue. African ministers of education and university presidents, officials of the National Commission for UNESCO of China, senior officials of UNESCO and heads of regional offices in Africa attended the meeting. Weidong Cloud Education Group, as a member of UNESCO's "Global Education Alliance" and an important partner in the field of education in Africa, was invited to attend and make a speech.

Dr. Shen Dai, senior vice president of Weidong Cloud Education Group, said in his speech that as a global Internet education platform operator, Weidong Cloud Education is committed to providing digital education solutions for education departments and institutions around the world, and fully implementing the Ministry of Education’s “Build the Belt and Road Education Action” and UNESCO’s “Action Framework for Education 2030”. In the past six years of cooperation with UNESCO, Weidong Cloud Education has continuously supported the holding of several “International ICT-in-Education Conferences”, and launched pilot projects for educational informatization with UNESCO IITE and UNESCO ICHEI in 24 countries including Egypt, Djibouti, Ethiopia and other countries. During this epidemic, “Weidong Smart Classroom” has become an important carrier of distance learning for educational institutions in many countries.

Currently, the epidemic continues to spread in Africa. To ensure the continuity of education and training, distance online education has played an important role. Weidong Cloud Education Group is willing to continue cooperation with UNESCO to provide more support for African partner colleges and educational institutions, including building  “Weidong Smart Classroom” that integrates digital teaching equipment and learning management platforms, the user account of WeLMS, project management and training courses provided by European Demos, and the online postgraduate degree scholarship from  French Brest Business School.

Weidong Cloud Education Group will make full use of its high-quality education resources and Internet education platform to help more African countries solve the problem of education disruption, bridge the global digital education gap, and help countries overcome the epidemic as soon as possible.