Jointly Building the International Institute of Online Education

Publish Time:2019-12-07     Article Source:Weidong Cloud Education

On December 7, the "2019 International Consultative Meeting on International Institute of Online Education" hosted by UNESCO ICHEI was held in Shenzhen. More than 70 policy makers, university presidents, teachers, researchers and business representatives from 15 countries around the world jointly discussed the establishment of a "co-building and sharing" open learning resource platform to promote the development of higher education. As one of the partners, Weidong Cloud Education Group co-sponsored and established the International Institute of Online Education.

Picture: Group photo of participants

At the meeting, the release ceremony was held for the "Weidong Smart Classroom" created by UNESCO ICHEI and Weidong Cloud Education Group. Through remote connection, the participants watched the layout and application of  "Weidong Smart Classroom" in Lahore University of Engineering and Technology in Pakistan. . It has been recognized by many national university presidents and business representatives.

Picture: Video of Smart Classroom Achievement Display

Picture: Representatives of the three parties of "Weidong Smart Classroom"

In the platform and technical sharing session, Shen Dai, senior vice president of Weidong Cloud Education Group, delivered a speech detailing the insights on ICT-in-education and the projects achieved in overseas markets. He said that Weidong Cloud Education is the strategic partner of UNESCO and the SCO. It is committed to building adigital education ecosystemby providing a comprehensive solution for overseas digital education transformation including local infrastructure, data centers and networking,learning management platform, course resources and training services.; through the "product + software + service" approach, continue to improve the user's digital experience; by empowering education and ICT capabilities in various countries, let more students use digital technology to access into teaching activities; by delivering high-quality educational resources to more countries and regions, effectively promote the balanced development of regional education.

Picture: Speech by Shen Dai, Senior Vice President of Weidong Cloud Education Group

On December 8, at the co-launch ceremony of the International Institute of Online Education, all parties jointly signed aninitiative. UNESCO ICHEI has signed cooperation framework agreements with representatives of various initiators including Weidong Cloud Education Group.

The International Institute of Online Education aims to promote the achievement of the "Education 2030" goal and UN Sustainable Development Goal 4, promote the use of ICT in higher education in Asian and African developing countries, and enhance the opportunities and quality of higher education in Asian and African developing countries. Weidong Cloud Education will provide English and French courses for teachers and ICT training in Asian and African partner institutions.

Picture: The award of the joint sponsor of the International Network Education Academy