Weidong attended the Education Informatization Cooperation Forum

Publish Time:2019-05-19     Article Source:Weidong Cloud Education

On May 19, the “Belt and Road” Education Informatization Cooperation Forum was held at the International Conference Center. The meeting was chaired by Du Yue, Director of Inter-Sectoral Cooperation and Partnership of Priority Departments of Africa and Foreign Relations of UNESCO. Ministers of Education from the “Belt and Road” countries of the Republic of Burundi, Mr. Bayan Kobona, the Minister of Basic Education of the Republic of Botswana, Mr. Arona, the Minister of Higher Education of Uganda, Mr. Muingo, the Minister of Basic and Secondary Education of the Gambia Ms. Kor, the Uzbekistan’s Deputy Minister of Education, Mr. Umarov, representatives from the Qingdao Municipal Education Bureau, China Import and Export Credit Insurance Corporation, Qingdao Municipal Bureau of Commerce and China Export-Import Bank participated in the forum.

Photos: Ministers of Education and Chairman of Weidong Group Wang Duanrui (seventh from left) and Director of UNESCO Du Yue (fifth from right)

Photo: Wang Duanrui, Chairman of Weidong Group, speaking at the forum

At the meeting, the Ministers of Education introduced the national education development situation, and they expressed their recognition of Weidong Cloud Education in the field of Education Informatization. After visiting Weidong International Cloud Education Industrial Park, the two parties have a better understanding and consensus on future cooperation.

Photo: Shen Dai, Senior Vice President of Weidong Cloud Education Group, signed a Cooperation Framework Agreement with Minister of Basic Education of the Republic of Botswana

Photo: Shen Dai, Senior Vice President of Weidong Cloud Education Group Signed a Cooperation Framework Agreement with 

Minister of Higher Education of Uganda, 

Shen Dai, senior vice president of Weidong Cloud Education Group, signed Educational Information Framework Cooperation Agreements with the Ministers of Education of Botswana and Uganda. According to the Agreement, the two parties agreed to further strengthen cooperation in the field of Educational Informatization, research and promote the application of digital information and communication technologies in Botswana and Uganda, and strengthen cooperation on educational technology solutions such as online learning systems and smart classrooms.

Photo: At the meeting

The Ministers of Education visited and experienced many cutting-edge educational products such as the “Cloud + Terminal” smart classroom, V-vision classroom, Vocational Education Virtual Simulation Training System and LMS learning platform independently developed by Weidong Cloud Education.