International Learning Management Platform

Publish Time:2019-11-09     Article Source:Weidong Cloud Education

The "First Shanxi Education Informatization Innovation Conference" was held in Shanxi Province, China, Weidong Cloud Education Group demonstrated WeLMS – A product platform that can support national and regional deployments, is equipped with multilingual versions, is safe, stable and powerful. The platform uses digital methods to realize e-learning and teaching activities, provides teachers and students around the world with a more efficient information-based teaching management model, supports customization, has good scalability, and has powerful functions for preparing lessons and analyzing academic conditions.

Picture: Special Representative of SCO Secretariat Azem Bakiyev Muradk visited Weidong booth and learned Weidong WeLMS

Weidong WeLMS can provide online learning services for very large-scale users, and its security, system capacity, backup and concurrent use have been properly handled to ensure that the use of the system will not be affected by the increase in the number of users. Weidong WeLMS uses module integration technology, which means that some parts of the system can be replaced or upgraded without negatively affecting other parts of the system, creating a highly customized LMS.

Picture: Guests and Weidong WeLMS staff communicate

Vladimir Norov, Secretary General of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, sent a letter of appreciation to Mr. Wang Duanrui, Chairman of Weidong Cloud Education Group. He expressed appreciation to the presentation of educational products and solutions of Weidong at  "Shanxi Education Informatization Innovation Conference" , and hoping to continue to strengthen the cooperation between SCO and Weidong. 

Follow the initiative of “Belt and Road” and “Digital Silk Road”, Weidong Cloud Education and SCO jointly promoted the implementation of the “Weidong Smart Classroom” project by providing tailored education for overseas countries and regions, build a global lifelong education ecosystem.