The Ministry of Higher Education of Asian and African Countries visited Weidong

Publish Time:2017-08-15     Article Source:Weidong Cloud Education

With the in-depth implementation of the internationalization strategy, Weidong Cloud Education has attracted the attention of more and more international partners. On August 14, more than 70 offocials from the Ministry of Commerce’s foreign aid training program "2017 Information Technology Innovation Seminar for Universities in Asian Countries" and "2017 Information Technology Innovation Seminar for African Universities" paid on a visit to Weidong, led by UNESCO ICHEI. 

The two seminars were sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China. Nearly 70 government officials from the higher education system of 11 Asian and African developing countries, including Sri Lanka and Ethiopia, participated in the seminar. The applied theory and experience of information technology in education were exchanged.