Weidong at the 2017 International Education Information Conference Exhibition

Publish Time:2017-07-10     Article Source:Weidong Cloud Education

On July 10, International Internet Education Summit Forum and Application Achievement Exhibition was held in Qingdao.

International Internet Education Summit Forum and Application Achievement Exhibition site

The 2017 International Internet Education Summit Forum and Application Achievement Exhibition is a supporting event of the International Education Informatization Conference. It is organized by the Central Audio-visual Education Center and Education Management Information Center of the Ministry of Education, hosted by the International Internet Education Alliance and China Education Technology Association, and undertaken by the Qingdao Education Bureau. Du Zhanyuan, Vice Minister of Education, Deng Yunfeng, Member of the Standing Committee of Qingdao Municipal Party Committee and Director of the Municipal Education Bureau, and other leaders watched the exhibition carefully. During the visit, Vice Minister Du Zhanyuan fully affirmed Qingdao’s outstanding achievements in education informatization in recent years, and expressed full expectations for the development of China's education informatization. 

As an important partner of Qingdao in education informatization construction, Weidong Cloud Education Group also participated in this exhibition with a comprehensive display of the image of the global Internet education platform operator, actively sharing the results of cutting-edge projects, and opening up the latest product experience. The content of basic education resources, vocational education curriculum resources, overseas platforms, and application products and cases in scenarios such as smart teaching, student growth, and education measurement are shared.