Weidong Cloud Education Attended the SEAMEO Centre Directors Meeting 2020

Publish Time:2020-07-16     Article Source:Weidong Cloud Education

On July 15, the Southeast Asian Minister of Education Organization held online  SEAMEO Centre Directors Meeting 2020 in Bangkok to discuss the planning and development direction of education sector in 2020 and the next five years. As an international partner of SEAMEO, Weidong Cloud Education Group participated in the meeting with UNESCO, the Ministry of Education of Japan and other educational partners.

Photo: SEAMEO Strategic Planning Conference

At the meeting, Wang Zhiqian, head of International Business of Weidong Cloud Education Group, introduced in detail the contributions and cases in the field of education in Southeast Asia during the epidemic. He said that at present, Weidong Cloud Education has served  10 million teachers and student users with its LMS and Training platforms around the world. The WeLMS platform has also been used in Southeast Asia, the Philippines, Cambodia and other countries to provide smart teaching tools and distance learning platforms for local universities. While greatly improving the level of informatization teaching, it also effectively reduced the impact of class suspension caused by the epidemic.

Photo: Wang Zhiqian, Head of International Business of Weidong Cloud Education, speaking at the meeting

At the meeting, the use of the WeLMS in Philippine universities and the use cases of the "Weidong Smart Classroom" in Cambodia, Pakistan and other countries during the epidemic were also shown in the form of video.

SEAMEO is a regional international organization composed of education directors of 11 countries in Southeast Asia. It aims to help member states engage in activities that are conducive to the development of education and promote the protection of the independence, integrity and diversity of the cultural and educational systems of each member state.

In October 2019, Weidong Cloud Education signed a project cooperation agreement with the Philippine National High School in Southeast Asia, aiming to transform the school into a "21st Century Smart School", equipped with advanced ICT facilities, "Weidong Smart Classroom" and Learning Management Platform etc.

In November 2019, Weidong Cloud Education and SEAMEO reached a consensus on technology, innovation and digitalization, and signed a memorandum of understanding on cooperation, which officially opened the cooperation between the two parties in the field of education informatization.

Photo: Weidong Cloud Education and SEAMEO signed a memorandum of understanding on cooperation

On May 22, 2020, Weidong Cloud Education participated in SEAEO's "High-level Partner Meeting for the Development of Learning Management System (LMS) and Open Educational Resources (OER)" to discuss relevant content and reach consensus.

Photo: SEAMEO Senior Partner Meeting