Weidong: Digital Transformation of Education in New Normal

Publish Time:2020-08-27     Article Source:Weidong Cloud Education

On August 26, with the support of the Secretariat of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and the Secretariat of the SCO Business Council, SCO, SCO Youth League, and Weidong Cloud Education Group jointly hosted the webinar "Digital Transformation of Education in the New Normal: Vision & Key Practices from Weidong". The conference is mainly for officials, colleges and partners of the Ministry of Education of SCO countries, focusing on the exploration of future education visions in the new normal, how to empower SCO countries to achieve digital transformation in education, etc., and introduced in detail Weidong solutions of digital transformation.

Picture: Webinar

Vladimir Norov, SCO Secretary-General, stated in his opening speech that Weidong Cloud Education and SCO have always maintained close cooperation. During the epidemic, Weidong Cloud Education played an important role in supporting the global "Continues schooling while campus closure". By strengthening cooperation with SCO countries in the field of education, Weidong Cloud Education has promoted many new digital education technologies to SCO countries, which has provided help to promote the development of online education in various countries. The two sides will also further deepen cooperation in the field of vocational education. Within the framework of the China-SCO Local Economic and Trade Cooperation Demonstration Zone, Weidong will provide professional education and training for young people in the fields of trade, transportation, logistics, and digital economy, and continue to expand mutual educational exchanges and cooperation.

Picture: Secretary-General Norov's opening speech

Sergey Kanavsky, Executive Secretary of SCO Business Council, said in his speech that the digitalization of education has provided us with new ideas and new methods for education and teaching. Weidong Cloud Education is building new training globally. The system and education ecology give students more opportunities to apply knowledge in practice.

Picture: Secretary-General Kanavsky's speech

Shen Dai, Senior Vice President of Weidong Cloud Education, introduced Weidong's digital transformation solutions in detail in his speech. He said that in the context of the global epidemic, Weidong's digital education solution will provide a full range of services including infrastructure, digital equipment, LMS platform, teacher and content training, and help students from all over the world realize "Continues schooling while campus closure" through distance online learning. At present, Weidong Cloud Education has provided relevant services to more than 10 million student users around the world, and "Weidong Smart Classroom" has also been launched in Pakistan and other countries.

Picture: President Shen Dai introduced Weidong Cloud Education Solution

In the session of solution introduction, the staff showed in detail the contents of "Weidong Smart Classroom", "V-Vision Classroom" and "Virtual Simulation Training Solution".

Picture: "Weidong Smart Classroom" WeLMS platform display

Picture: "V-Vision Classroom" display

Picture: "Virtual Simulation Training" display

Fazal Ahmad Khalid, Chairman of the Higher Education Committee of Punjab, Pakistan, and Waqar Mahmood, Dean of the School of Computer Science and Technology in Lahore University of Engineering and Technology, gave speeches respectively, introducing in detail the current situation of local digital education and the application of "Weidong Smart Classroom", and expressed the willingness to further strengthen cooperation with Weidong Cloud Education and jointly promote the development of local digital education in the future.

Picture: Professor Fazal Ahmad Khalid speaking

Picture: Professor Waqar Mahmood giving a speech

Weidong Cloud Education is a strategic partner of Shanghai Cooperation Organization. In the past two years, the two sides have continued to cooperate in the fields of education, technology, and new technologies. Weidong has successively signed education cooperation projects with Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Pakistan and other member countries of SCO. "Weidong Smart Classroom" and online learning platform have been launched in many Central Asian countries. In the next stage, the two parties will also carry out more in-depth cooperation, provide smart teaching tools and distance learning platforms for more countries, and fully support the construction of digital education in SCO countries.