Weidong Cloud Education and UNESCO Visited Africa Together

Publish Time:2017-12-28     Article Source:Weidong Cloud Education

Weidong Cloud Education Group was invited to form a delegation to Africa with UNESCO Higher Education Innovation Center (hereinafter referred to as the “Center”). Under the leadership of the center’s director Li Ming, they visited Cameroon, Uganda and Namibia. Ministers of higher education of the three countries and representatives of famous local university presidents held in-depth talks.

In December last year, after visiting Pakistan with the Center, Weidong Cloud Education launched a comprehensive educational cooperation with Pakistan to help literacy operations in Pakistan with educational informatization; in February this year, after visiting Africa, Ethiopia, Djibouti and Egypt with the Center, Weidong Cloud Education launched a pilot project on China-Africa Internet education cooperation in Ethiopia. This visit also achieved the desired results: Cameroon, Uganda and Namibia have determined that they will carry out long-term strategic cooperation with Weidong Cloud Education in the field of vocational education and the construction of smart classrooms in colleges and universities.

During this visit to Africa, the delegation arrived in Cameroon for the first time, visited Cameroon’s Minister of Higher Education Jacques Fame Ndogo, and visited the First University of Yaoundé in Cameroon. During the talks, the members of the delegations of China and Kazakhstan conducted in-depth communication on the construction of the country's smart education platform, international exchanges, and localization of talents. The representative of Weidong Cloud Education showed to Kazakhstan that Weidong Cloud Education was building a smart education platform, superior educational resources and services, professional and efficient O2O training, and reached a preliminary consensus on the future cooperation between the two parties in these areas.

The delegation to Africa took a group photo with Cameroon Minister of Higher Education Jacques Fame Ndogo

After the visit to Cameroon, the delegation came to Uganda, met with Ugandan Minister of Higher Education MUYINGO, and accompanied by President Barnabas Nawangwe, visited the University of Makerere. During the talks, Uganda had a deep understanding of Weidong Cloud Education's ability to support the local education informatization level, share high-quality educational resources, and promote the realization of educational fairness.

Delegation from Africa talked with MUYINGO, Minister of Higher Education of Uganda

The Republic of Namibia is the last stop of this visit to Africa. During the visit, the delegation was warmly received by Stanley M. Simataa, Deputy Minister of Information and Communication Technology of Namibia and the Chairman of the 38th UNESCO General Assembly, and Ms. R.K. Ndjoze-Ojo, Deputy Minister of Higher Education of Namibia. During the visit, the delegation visited the Namibian University of Science and Technology. At the same time, the two sides carried out specific and in-depth discussions on the construction of cooperation in the field of education informatization, education resource services, higher education, and professional training.

Representatives of Weidong Cloud Education took a group photo with Stanley M. Simataa in Namibia