International Version of the Cloud Platform was Officially Deployed in Europe

Publish Time:2017-03-21     Article Source:Weidong Cloud Education

On March 21, French time, Weidong Cloud Education Group held the "European Press Conference on the Deployment of the International Version of Weidong Cloud Education Platform" on the occasion of the 2017 Mobile Learning Week, announcing the official launch of the international version of its cloud education platform. Du Yue, Secretary-General of the Chinese National Committee of UNESCO, David Atchoarena, Director of UNESCO’s Policy and Lifelong Learning Department, Wang Duanrui, Chairman of Weidong Cloud Education Group, Shen Dai, Vice President, Demos Chairperson Jean Weimar and other guests attended the press conference, and the platform also attracted the attention of many participants.

Through the release of the international version of the Weidong Cloud Education Platform, Weidong Cloud Education Group demonstrated the perfect collaboration and life-long education concept of its subsidiary Weidong Cloud Education, Demos and Brest Business School.

Photo: European press conference on the deployment of the international version of Weidong Cloud Education Platform

Weidong Cloud Education is a strategic partner of UNESCO. Since 2014, Weidong Cloud Education has provided education cloud platform services for 195 Member States and regions of UNESCO, so that all people in the world are equal and have the opportunity to receive education and training. At the same time, Weidong Cloud Education has built a cloud data center dedicated to education, which can support 200 million users to use online learning at the same time.

Demos has been in the field of vocational education and training for 45 years. It has more than 3000 kinds of courses covering 21 professional fields such as financial industry and Internet industry. It has constantly researched digital education application products, and has launched two products: next and pocket impulse, so that users can listen to classes, learn, answer questions or review anytime and anywhere, and constantly improve themselves.

As a member of the French elite university alliance, Brest Business School has a series of international innovative undergraduate and master's programs. With the continuous internationalization of economic and social development, higher education institutions are also keeping pace with the times and connecting with the world, and gradually integrate into more emerging disciplines related to social economy, innovative technology and entrepreneurship. With the new education system of modern pedagogy, both students and professionals can understand and learn in different ways and channels.