Weidong Cloud Education and the Kingdom of Lesotho Ambassador Signed MOU

Publish Time:2017-08-30     Article Source:Weidong Cloud Education

On August 29th, the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Lesotho in China, Nzini, and Counsellor Kepeti ended a three-day visit to Weidong Cloud Education. During the visit, on behalf of the Embassy of the Kingdom of Lesotho in China, Ambassador signed the Memorandum of International Cooperation with Wang Duanrui, Chairman of Weidong Cloud Education Group.

According to the MOU, both sides will jointly promote the construction and development of Internet Education in the Kingdom of Lesotho. The Embassy of the Kingdom of Lesotho in China will coordinate the domestic Ministry of Education, Vocational Training Schools, Higher Education Institutions and Local Educational Cooperative Enterprises and other relevant units to cooperate with both sides; Weidong Cloud Education Group will use the latest Internet Education Technology to build education for the Kingdom of Lesotho. The cloud platform provides Internet Education Products, conducts online education and training services, and conducts international education exchange training.

Chairman and Ambassador signed a Memorandum of International Cooperation

The Kingdom of Lesotho is the fourth African country to achieve strategic cooperation with Weidong Cloud Education. Before, Weidong Cloud Education has reached consensus on cooperation with Djibouti, Ethiopia and Egypt and has carried out related projects. At present, the Ethiopian Education Cloud platform is actively being built.

In the future, Weidong Cloud Education will continue to strengthen educational cooperation with countries along the “Belt and Road”, accelerate the deployment of the Weidong Cloud Education Platform in Asian and African countries, and provide learning management systems and learning content management systems for local communities. All-in-one companies provide training services, including legal training for Chinese talents working overseas and Chinese language training for local talents hired by Chinese companies overseas. In addition, Weidong Cloud Education will strengthen cooperation with international organizations, promote the construction of a global partner university network of the UNESCO ICHEI, and build Smart Classrooms for related universities.

During the visit, the Ambassador and his party visited the headquarters of Weidong Group, Laoshan Academy, Weidong Cloud Computing Data Center, and Weidong International Cloud Education Industrial Park.

Photo: The Ambassador and his party experienced the smart classroom in Weidong Cloud Education International Industrial Park

Group photo