Mayor of Brest, France Visited Weidong Cloud Education

Publish Time:2017-10-30     Article Source:Weidong Cloud Education

Recently, more than 20 people including Francois Guyand, Chairman of the French Brest City Community and Mayor of Brest visited Qingdao. During the visit, Mayor Guyand and his party visited the headquarters of Weidong on October 27, and went to Qingdao Laoshan Academy, Weidong International Cloud Education Industrial Park, and Weidong Cloud Computing Data Center on the following day.

Picture: Mayor Guyand and his entourage visited Weidong’s headquarters and had a discussion with Weidong Chairman Wang Duanrui and Mu Dongming

Qingdao and Brest City formally established a friendly city relationship in 2006. In October 2016, Weidong Cloud Education announced that Brest Business School in France would be included under its command. This move created a precedent for Chinese Education to go abroad to run a university.

Photo: Mayor Guyand and his party, Chairman Weidong Wang Duanrui, President Mu Dongming, etc. at Laoshan Academy

Photo: Mayor and his party visit Weidong International Cloud Education Industrial Park

Photo: Mayor and his party experience Weidong Smart Classroom

After that, the mayor and his party came to the Weidong International Cloud Education Industrial Park, listened to the detailed introduction of the industrial park by the interpreter, and learned about the development plan of the industrial park. During the visit, the guests watched the display content of the digital sand table of the Science and Technology Discovery Center and experienced Weidong Smart Classroom. After the visit, the accompanying people had a deeper understanding of Weidong Cloud Education's business status and layout.