Weidong Cloud Education Group Met with French Foreign Minister

Publish Time:2017-11-28     Article Source:Weidong Cloud Education

On November 25, French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Ledrion met with Mr. Wang Duanrui, chairman of Weidong Cloud Education Group, at the French Embassy in China.

During the meeting, Chairman Wang Duanrui fully introduced Ledrion to the comprehensive cooperation between Weidong Cloud Education and UNESCO, the global layout under the “Belt and Road” strategy, and Internet education cooperation projects in China, France, Africa, etc. He also introduced Weidong Cloud Education's International Internet Education Industrial Park featuring Vocational Education in Qingdao, China, with reference to the operation mode of Brest Business School in France.

Ledrion said he was very pleased to see Brest Business School thrive under the leadership of Weidong Cloud Education Group. This was the focus of his attention during his time as French Minister of Defense and Chairman of Brittany and support one of the Sino-French cooperation projects. He greatly affirmed and praised the contribution of Weidong Cloud Education Group in promoting the development of Sino-French exchanges. He said that vocational education cooperation is a core project in the high-level humanities exchange and dialogue mechanism between China and France. In the future, the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Investment Agency will continue to focus on and promote relevant cooperation projects with Weidong Cloud Education Group.