Qingdao International Vocational Education City Started Construction

Publish Time:2020-08-11     Article Source:Weidong Cloud Education

On August 11, the groundbreaking and signing ceremony of Qingdao International Vocational Education City was held in Jimo District, marking the full launch of Qingdao’s "Artificial Intelligence + Internet Education + Educational Equipment Manufacturing" 100-billion-level industrial cluster construction. The Ministry of Education and Shandong Province established highland for innovation and development of vocational education.

Picture: Groundbreaking ceremony and signing ceremony

At the ceremony site, Education and Training Center of Qingdao International Vocational Education City, the permanent site of the United Nations Educational Information Technology Conference, International Vocational Education City Infrastructure Project, and International Vocational Education City’s Ecological Environment Comprehensive Treatment Project started at the same time. The construction of Qingdao International Vocational Education City was fully launched.

As the carrier of Qingdao’s "artificial intelligence + Internet education + educational equipment manufacturing" 100 billion-level industrial cluster, Qingdao International Vocational Education City will take the construction of vocational schools as the core and the development of industrial clusters as the guide, integrate and optimize vocational education resources in Qingdao, and introduce some domestic high-quality vocational colleges, national-level vocational education research institutions, industry associations, international organizations and foreign educational institutions, gather artificial intelligence, Internet equipment, educational equipment industry projects, and focus on building a new generation of information technology, business logistics, transportation, equipment manufacturing and other professional clusters, build large-scale public training bases, and form a new city of "industry-education linkage, education-city integration, and industry-city integration".

As an upgrade and iteration of Qingdao's education system, the construction of Qingdao International Vocational Education City is a strategic need to promote the high-quality development of Qingdao's economy, and it is also the actual need for urban transformation and industrial upgrading at the moment. Qingdao International Vocational Education City will be based in Qingdao, serve the whole country, and face the world. It will build a demonstration zone for vocational skills training, a pilot zone for integration of production and education, and a new platform for international cooperation under the “Belt and Road” initiative.

According to reports, Qingdao International Vocational Education City commissioned "Father of Singapore Planning", Liu Taige to plan. The core area covers an area of 12 square kilometers. Singapore’s ecological planning and sustainable development concepts are embedded in the conceptual planning. It takes people as the core and comprehensively considers the coordinated development of industry, education, technology, urban and rural areas, and the planning adheres to ecological design, ecological construction, the concept of ecological operation, creates an ecological civilization space where people and nature live in harmony. Qingdao International Vocational Education City focuses on the future development of the city, insists on smart and efficient, builds a convenient and comprehensive green public transportation system, builds a smart city system based on 5G technology, realizes smart education, smart medical care into the family, and becomes a leading international smart model city.

As an organic whole with the coordinated development of Qingdao International Vocational Education City, Weidong Cloud Education Group will focus on vocational education, and strive to build an open PaaS cloud platform with high-quality education platform applications as the main body, creating a "Europe and America + Asia and Africa" dual route. It provides high-quality educational resources and services for governments, enterprises, colleges and institutions around the world, and high-end talents and a large number of employment opportunities for regional development, and jointly builds a highland for the innovation and development of vocational education in China.