Weidong Cloud Education was Awarded the Outstanding Contribution Award

Publish Time:2018-05-06     Article Source:Weidong Cloud Education

Weidong Cloud Education was awarded the "Outstanding Contribution Award" with outstanding contributions in "Digital Education Link Project" by (UNESCO-ICHEI). Li Ming, Director of the UNESCO Higher Education Innovation Center, awarded Weidong Cloud Education with the prize.

Picture: Scene of the award ceremony

In the field of higher education, Weidong Cloud Education has built up its core advantages in the global market: channels, products and online education. In terms of channels, Weidong Cloud Education has the advantage of being a strategic partner of UNESCO. In terms of products, "Weidong Remote Smart Classroom" equipped with "cloud + terminal" integration technology, is carrying out localized teacher ICT capacity building training and realize remote digital management, local promotion and use of digital education resources. In terms of academic education, Weidong Cloud Education has started to explore online academic education since the French Brest Higher Business School was included in 2016.

The "Digital Education Partnership Project (DP, Digital Partnership)" of the UNESCO Innovation Center for Higher Education refers to the establishment of regional or global partner networks, which are influential in the field of digital education resources, networks, platforms, courses, practices, etc., carrying out in-depth cooperation with representative universities, institutions, organizations or enterprises to effectively promote the implementation of the "Digital Education Link Project".