Weidong Cloud Education Continuously Rank Among China's "Unicorns"

Publish Time:2020-07-29     Article Source:Weidong Cloud Education

On July 28, the "2020 China High-growth Enterprise Development Forum& China Unicorn Enterprise Research Report Release Conference" was held in Tianjin, and Weidong Cloud Education Group was once again selected as the "Chinese Unicorn Enterprise".

Photo: Weidong Cloud Education was selected as the "2019 China Unicorn Enterprises" list

Global Education Layout of "One Body and Two Wings"

Innovation is the soul of a nation’s progress, and education is the cornerstone of social progress. Everyone has the right to equitably enjoy education, and "sharing educational resources and inheriting human civilization" is the unique corporate sentiment of Weidong Cloud Education. Since its inception, Weidong Cloud Education has been advancing towards its position as a “Global Internet Education Platform Operator”, and strives to build a lifelong education ecosystem that benefits the world by creating a global education layout of “one body and two wings”.

At present, Weidong Cloud Education relies on its unique position in the field of international Internet education, using domestic high-quality education platform applications as the "main body" to build an open PaaS cloud platform. With the "Europe and America + Asia and Africa" dual route pattern as the "two wings" to comprehensively promote the internationalization strategy.

In China, on the one hand, Weidong Cloud Education strives to build a middleground education field that meets the national conditions. With the help of international resource advantages, the coordinated development at home and abroad provides the country with high-end talents and a large number of employment opportunities. Business cover 24 provinces and 169 cities in urban areas and counties. On the other hand, Weidong Cloud Education will make full use of Qingdao International Vocational Education City built by the group to build an "Artificial Intelligence + Internet Education + Education Equipment Manufacturing" 100 billion-level industrial cluster, and strive to build a vocational education innovation development demonstration zone and vocational education institution gathering area, industry-education integration pioneer area, and "Belt and Road" international vocational education platform.

In the direction of Europe and the United States, Weidong Cloud Education gives priority to the output of education content, provides training services for the world's top 500 enterprises through the acquisition of demos, the second largest vocational education and training group in Europe. It also provides high-quality resources for the development of domestic higher education through the acquisition of Brest business school in France. In the direction of Asia and Africa, Weidong Cloud Education prioritizes the layout of the education market. Through cooperation with the UNESCO ICHEI, it has successively deployed “Weidong Smart Classroom” in Pakistan, Cambodia, Egypt, Djibouti and other countries along the “Belt and Road” to provide local universities with smart teaching tools and distance learning platforms. Through cooperation with the UNESCO IITE, both sides will jointly promote the construction of "Future Schools" in six countries: Mauritius, Namibia, Nigeria, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan.

Unique advantages in international society resources

Weidong Cloud Education has a strong international social resource advantage. It has signed strategic cooperation with UNESCO and Shanghai Cooperation Organization respectively, and has extensive cooperation with relevant member countries in the fields of education, culture, science and technology. In March 2020, as the only Chinese internet education company, Weidong has co-sponsored the establishment of the "Global Education Alliance" with international leading companies such as Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Facebook, Zoom, etc., to provide internet education platform services to countries around the world and improve education gaps between countries and regions to build a global lifelong education ecology.