Weidong Cloud Education Won the Title of "2018 China Unicorn Enterprise&quo

Publish Time:2019-05-09     Article Source:Weidong Cloud Education

On May 9, the "2019 China High-Growth Enterprise Development Forum" was held at the Beijing International Convention Center. The forum released the "2018 China Unicorn Enterprise Development Report". Weidong Cloud Education Group won the honorary title of "2018 China Unicorn Enterprise" with its strong development vitality of Internet education.

The forum was hosted by Great Wall Strategic Consulting. The guests included representatives of unicorn companies, investors, relevant government departments and national high-tech zones, and experts in related fields, totaling more than 300 people. Guo Shiqiang, Chief Financial Officer of Weidong Cloud Education Group, attended the event as a representative.

Photo: Weidong Cloud Education Group CFO Guo Shiqiang came to the stage to accept the award as a corporate representative (fifth from right)

The forum first released the "2018 China Unicorn Enterprise Development Report". The report pointed out that the total number of Chinese unicorn companies in 2018 was 202, with a total valuation of 744.6 billion US dollars, and an average corporate valuation of 3.69 billion US dollars. Among the 89 new unicorn companies, Weidong Cloud Education Group is on the list.

Photo: Weidong Cloud Education ranks 115th on the list with a valuation of 1.2 billion US dollars

As a Global Internet Education Platform Operator, Weidong Cloud Education has always been committed to building a life-long education ecosystem, and has now formed an international education group including basic education, vocational education, higher education and overseas education business, with business covering 20 across the country Provinces, 173 cities and counties, with branches in 16 countries and regions around the world, serving more than 330 Fortune 500 companies. As a strategic partner of UNESCO and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, Weidong Cloud Education is laying out the construction of "Smart Classrooms" in the “Belt and Road” countries to transport oriental culture to every corner of the world.