Weidong Cloud Education Attended UNESCO 2020 Mobile Learning Week

Publish Time:2020-10-13     Article Source:Weidong Cloud Education

On October 12, "2020 Mobile Learning Week" organized by UNESCO opened online. Affected by the current global epidemic, the Learning Week will be held online. Multinational dignitaries, international organizations, civil organizations, partners, experts and scholars will participate online. As a strategic partner of UNESCO, Weidong Cloud Education Group was invited to attend and gave a speech on actions of Weidong Cloud Education to fight against the epidemic and digital education solutions.

With the theme of "Beyond Educational Subversion: Technology-driven Future Learning", this Learning Week focuses on sharing the experiences which people have learned from education response measures during the epidemic, and discussing related issues about technology-driven education and learning.

During this Learning Week, all parties focused on in-depth discussions on topics such as effective distance learning policies, innovative distance learning solutions, and future education development. Wang Zhiqian, head of the international business department of Weidong Cloud Education Group, said in his speech that as a global Internet education platform operator, Weidong Cloud Education has played an active role in the response to the epidemic.

In China, Weidong Cloud Education provides free "in-the-air classroom" platforms and high-quality teaching resources to more than 8,000 education departments, schools and education and training institutions across the country. Overseas, Weidong Cloud Education, together with Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Facebook, Zoom and other internationally renowned companies have joined the "Global Education Alliance" initiated by UNESCO as the first batch of units to provide an Internet education platform for countries affected by the epidemic. Through the deployment of "Weidong Smart Classroom" in Pakistan, Cambodia, Egypt, Djibouti and other countries, we provide local universities with smart teaching tools and distance learning platforms. Through the joint online seminar with Shanghai Cooperation Organization, we share "Weidong Smart Classroom" online and the programs and solutions such as virtual training in the field of vocational education to help SCO countries realize the digital transformation of education. In addition, Weidong Cloud Education also provides WeLMS accounts for nearly 100 universities in the Philippines, Cambodia and other countries to help local students realize distance online learning.

Picture: Wang Zhiqian, head of International Business Department of Weidong Cloud Education, delivered a speech online (third row, first right)

Weidong Cloud Education is a strategic partner of UNESCO. Over the years, the two sides have always maintained a close educational cooperation relationship. Faced with the current global epidemic, Weidong Cloud Education will actively use its own educational technology to provide assistance to the digital transformation of education and distance learning services in various countries.

Picture: Pakistan "Weidong Smart Classroom" usage scene

Picture: Djibouti "Weidong Smart Classroom" usage scene

"Mobile Learning Week" is the United Nations’ flagship event on digital technology in the field of education. It has been organized by UNESCO and its partners for eight consecutive years. This online learning week lasts for three days. In addition to keynote speeches, high-level panel meetings, seminars and group meetings, workshops, technical solutions and technological innovation meetings, strategic laboratories, and online booths are also arranged for online communication.