Business Structure-Basic Education

Building a learner-centered integrated basic education solution

The program adopts an open architecture, including regional education cloud construction, “three links and two platforms” construction, “cloud+terminal” smart classroom construction, education resource construction and provision, regional education information operation services, etc. The products cover five scenes ofopen platforms, ntelligent teaching research, intelligent teaching, intelligent management, and home-school education.

Provide teaching resources covering 90% of China's basic education materials with more than 50 sets of textbooks. At present, the program has been applied in 28 provinces, 179 urban counties, and more than 3,500 schools across the country.

School of the Future

Platform: Weidong Intelligent Education Cloud Platform

VR Training Room

V-horizon Classroom

Create a high-quality VR curriculum system for K12 education, comprehensively utilize virtual reality, big data, and other technologies to materialize abstract concepts, build a light and immersive teaching environment with multiple participants and strong interaction, and support the school's normal teaching application, effectively solve complex, abstract, and other incomprehensible knowledge learning problems. At present, the program has been applied in many elementary and secondary schools in China and has obtained experts' technical appraisal.

Core Values
Upgrade display mode
Horizontal positioning system
Multiple ways of interaction
Powerful editing functions

Demos Cloud Class

Demos Cloud Class
Provide the platform foundation for B2C user transformation
Multi-language version, account and payment capacity
Get through the account system of each product line of Weidong Cloud Education
The first global Internet education platform
Ecological openness
Lifelong learning platform

International Team Model

Provide education information integration solution for oversea countries and regions

WowClass intelligent classroom solution is based on Weidong Cloud Education's self-developed international version of WowClass interactive teaching software, combining with the intelligent all-in-one machine, notebook, PAD, and other intelligent terminals to transform traditional classrooms into future classrooms, bringing new classroom experiences for teachers and students to achieve high-quality classroom teaching.


WeLMS is an international version of the learning management platform (LMS) independently developed by Weidong Cloud Education Group. With mainstream functions of LMS, it creating an international online learning environment for users.

Outstanding Cases

01Qingdao Education Resources Public Service Platform Project
02Chengdu Wuhou district "Cloud + Terminal" Education Information Service Project
03Jixi Education Bureau's Education informatization "Three Links and Two Platforms" Construction Project
04Beijing Changping district “Virtual School” Construction and Operation Service Project