Business Structure-Higher Education

Introduce international quality education resources to provide higher education informatization integrated solutions.

The program runs through the various sections before, during, and after the class, facilitating teachers and students to carry out all-round interactive teaching, forming a new teaching model, and counseling students through process intervention. In 2016, the Weidong Cloud Education acquired the European elite university, Brest Business School. As the executive chairman of the International University Innovation Alliance, Weidong Cloud Education has established partnerships with many world-renowned universities.

Brest Business School

Brest Business School (BBS), founded in 1962, has branch schools in Brest, Vannes, and Paris. BBS ranks 189rd in the National University of the World (4ICU).



Integrate the global quality education content and reconstruct the system of" teaching "and" learning ".With the help of the "one body, two wings" structure; create an interactive learning path and peer learning model with no walls and no thresholds; provide students with the knowledge, skills, and resources they need for their career development. Using AI technology and developing a learning system based on AI kernel to help users define their own learning progress and path so that users can learn practical courses that are more in line with their needs in the shortest time, thus stimulating learning interest and improving independent learning ability.

Gold Course: MBA, DBA, MEd