Business Structure-Vocational Education

With the advantage of international resources, Weidong Cloud Education develop synergistically at home and abroad. Take government agencies, enterprises, academics, and veterans as the service object, it mainly constructs customized hybrid training of "platform+curriculum+service" to provide quality products and services.

Demos in France

High quality international resources Acquired the second-largest vocational education and training group, Demos International Vocational Education Group in France

Long-Term Strategic Cooperation The domestic business of vocational education signed a long-term strategic cooperation agreement with Shanghai Metro, Shenzhen Metro, and the National Federation of Trade Unions

  • 3000+

  • 8000+

    training experts and teachers
  • 2,000,000+

    online course learning users worldwide
  • 35,000+

  • 350,000+

    High quality international resources
  • 16



Gather high-quality curriculum resources and teachers; precipitate knowledge and experiences with the help of big data, AI, and other technologies to provide intelligent enterprise training solutions for clients; build an intelligent enterprise learning system

Featured Services


Planning a personalized learning path based on user portraits and learning analysis technology; personalized and accurate recommend contents; intelligent assistant, one-to-one virtual coach

Training Administrators

Automatic content analysis; automatic labeling; automatic planning, allocation, and tracking of learning tasks; data analysis and visualization; large-scale personalized learning

Enterprise Managers

Training data dynamic kanban, job talent matching analysis, industry talent demand analysis, talent warning

System Management

Achieve a high degree of visualization, intelligence, self-management, and self-adaptation

Special Features

01 Apply AI, big data, and other technologies to solve business pain points and to form an international fist product

02 Applying them to domestic and foreign clients

03 Converging global quality curriculum resources and teachers to accumulate user data

04 Gradually form an operational trading platform for global courses and services

05 Form a unified international enterprise training platform to strengthen the management and control of business operations; at home and abroad

Characteristic Crowd Training

Rong Xing Zai Xian Rong Shang Jun Ying


Serving veterans

Platform Introduction

Provide education and training, employment placement, business incubation, party-building learning, policy information, and life services for veterans by building Rong Xing Zai Xian veterans’ service platform, adopting a combination of online and offline service methods, and integrating multi-party superior resources to achieve the popularization of knowledge learning, the accuracy of policy propaganda, the diversification of talents, and the sharing of multi-level and diversified resources in the region, thus to help the military and civilian integration development strategy

Four Terminal Applications

PC, App, Pad, and smart large screen. Multi-terminal data synchronization, achieving learning anywhere at any time; systematic learning products, covering the entire scene of veterans training


Serving active servicemen

Product Introduction

"Rong Shang Jun Ying" is a comprehensive service platform to provide quality education, job skills improvement, and to enrich military culture life for active servicemen. Focusing on the daily education and safety of the troops, and ensuring the integration of information management to enhance the talents of the troops, promote the information construction of the camps, and realize the intelligent education and training

Offline Service

Teach the Camp: send education into the camp by providing degree educational and vocational skills training. The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security will issue the vocational skills and certificates once servicemen passed the assessment. One month before retiring, we will carry out seminars inviting veterans to exchange experiences, corporate employment fairs, entrepreneurial project exchanges, and so on to seamlessly connect veterans to local employment

Serving Customers

The Detachment Directly under the Headquarters of the Armed Police Force, the Beijing Armed Police Corps, the Former 38 Group Army Training Base, the 1st Garrison of the Garrison, the Logistics Department of the Air Force of the Beijing Military Area Command, and the Shenzhen Garrison

Training Form

Offline Face-to-Face, Pad Learning

Training Content

job training, special skills training, academic education, and ideological education

Operation Services
Basic Operation Service
Content Service: courseware management, question bank management, knowledgebase management, instructor and expert library management
Learning Services: online Q&A, remote training, user information construction, data upload, test import, learning report
Technical Operation and Maintenance: learning platform implementation, platform operation and maintenance, system iterative update, and other services
Project Management Training Service
Create an international level Project Management Training Center; serve domestic civil servants, public institutions, and “B&R” countries and related project management personnel; help relevant countries to cultivate high-level project management talents; promote local social and economic development
Face-to-Face Training Service
Able to provide for government agencies, enterprises, and institutions face-to-face training services.
Outstanding Cases

Caterpillar is one of the world's largest manufacturers of construction machinery and mining equipment, gas engine and industrial gas turbines, and one of the world's largest diesel engine manufacturers, ranking among the world's top 500.

Project Requirements
Provide online training platform for suppliers and agents, and support the stationing;
Provide online training courses for employees and support multiple modes of courseware;
Provide course statistics reports based on suppliers and agents;
Provide student progress tracking and test score statistics;
Platform interaction capabilities and Microsoft cloud deployment.
Provide enterprise online training platform to support supplier and agent management;
Provide partner homepage settings for easy customization;
Provide course learning functions and support multiple courseware formats;
Powerful data analysis that provides course statistics reports based on suppliers and agents;
Deploy Weidong Cloud Platform to the company's internal Microsoft cloud server.
Caterpillar Project

Cooperate with Shanghai metro' development strategy; innovate the talent training mode; build the 'Internet +' vocational training management system of Shanghai metro; build a comprehensive talent development platform integrating online, face-to-face teaching, and practical training.

Building a comprehensive training system that integrates online, face-to-face, and practical training;
Building a knowledge center resource system;
Building an online training and learning management system;
Building a training assessment certification management system;
Building a training management system that integrates training effect monitoring and incentive models.
Shanghai Metro Project

Facing with the huge number of people and the great differences within age structure and cultural level, China Telecom urgently needs to strengthen the training management system and system construction, training managers' own team construction and training content development, etc, as well as the operation and management of the network training platform to ensure the training effect of employees.

Service Content
The upgrade and daily layout of the existing platform live broadcast zone;
Design and production of resource theme pages over the years;
Construction and layout of various competition event pages over the years;
Promotional advertising production including but not limited to party schools, trade unions, customer service, innovation, channels, government and enterprises, and college learning activities.
China Telecom Project

With 80% of the energy, the school only trains 20% of the talents;The university environment is relaxed, and students are prone to various learning problems;The school has post-production problem for student learning process management.

Build OUC Learning Support Center Platform;
Collect student learning process information for analysis and early warning;
Process intervention and coaching of students.
Project Outcome
Provide modeling and data analysis for school decision-making; use data generated in smart classrooms, book lending, and all-in-one card system to help managers predict and alert students' abnormal conditions; analyze and diagnose students' academic situation;
Provide quantitative decision-making basis for teaching management of relevant functional departments, effectively guiding students to grow up healthily;
Provide students with online Q&A and learning resources, develop students' learning ability; improve learning efficiency and quality; improve students' academic success rate.
Ocean University of China Project